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Kitchen Make-Over Leads to Delicious Treats

The other day I told you about changing up my living room for fall and winter using Avon’s great decor items from their Avon Living Magalog. I am mixing these awesome finds with my current owl pillows, reed diffusers in warm scents, a few fake pumpkins and one adorable miniature pine cone found while walking the dogs to create my own rustic feel for fall. A change of throw pillows and removing of the pumpkins will take my living room straight into winter (and Christmas). (Disclaimer: I am an individual sales consultant for Avon. Any purchases made through links in this post will be made via my Avon eStore and will result in a commission paid to me.)

But while my living room is now adorable, I decided I also wanted redo the kitchen. Usually my kitchen doesn’t get too decorated for the seasons because I lack space and to be honest, by the time I get the tree up, I am ready for cookies and egg nog, not more decorating. However this year, I am getting a jump start on everything, so I can tackle my kitchen with ease. Because I have an open living/kitchen/dining area, I try to keep all my decorating similar. Right now my kitchen features owls (notice a theme yet?), farm critters, lots of teals, burnt oranges and apple greens with a touch of bamboo/wood items. This year I’m looking forward to keeping my farm critters but switching out my teals and oranges for whites and reds.

prod_5241253_xl_2Once again, Avon Living is my go-to magalog for purchasing my much desired items without tapping into my Christmas shopping budget (has anyone started their shopping yet because I haven’t). To start, I am switching out my current owl canisters for a few of Avon’s Metal Canisters with Chalkboard Front ($12.99). Then I am switching out my cream and sugar set for Avon’s Figural Cream and Sugar Set ($9.99). This adorable set makes having afternoon coffee a bigger treat than normal. Not only do they say “milk” and “sugar” on one side, on the other side they have the French versions “lait” and “sucre!” And speaking of coffee, I plan on seizing the day with a cup of inspiration along with caffeine in the form of Avon’s Inspirational Mug Gift Set in blue, green and red. At $9.99 each, I can stock up and because each cup comes with a matching ornament, I am picking up a few extra as gifts.

prod_5236683_xlBecause I love to bake, I am also upgrading my kitchen gadgets. Avon’s 3-Tier Baking and Cooling Rack ($16.99) will let me keep my cookie production producing cookies as fast as my roommates and I can eat them. The Avon Set of 3 Cookie Stamps ($7.99) and Stainless Steel Rolling Pin ($24.99) will aid in my cookie-baking frenzy. But because I cannot stop at just cookies, I am getting the Vintage-Inspired Muffin Pan ($14.99) for muffin making and the Cuisinart 3.5-Quart Oval Slow Cooker ($59.99) for potlucks and tasty dinners on busy nights. (Especially since my old slow cooker broke and I have yet to replace it. Oops!)

If you haven’t started your holiday baking or decorating, Avon has you covered with all the great items in their Avon Living magalog and in their home & kitchen departments. Next time I will let you in on how Avon is getting my home (and yours!) dinner party ready just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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