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Avon, Tupperware and mark. Haul

Winter in the new year is always a fun time for me. Since I cater to real estate agents looking for online marketing and virtual admin help in my day job, the new year usually means I am picking up extra hours helping boost their marketing. More hours means I get a little extra money to spend on myself and this year has been no different. One of my friends threw a Tupperware party back two weeks ago and even though I didn’t attend, I did place an order which arrived the same day as my Avon and mark. orders. (I also ordered a super cute skirt from Dress Lily but it hasn’t arrived yet even though it is en route!)

(Disclaimer: I am an individual sales consultant for Avon and mark. Any purchases made through links in this post will be made via my Avon eStore and will result in a commission paid to me. I do NOT sell Tupperware and will receive no compensation for this post or any sales made from it. All the opinions of all the products are my own.)

Tupperware Haul

When most people think of direct sales companies, I’m sure that along with Avon, many also think of Tupperware. I actually have and use my Nana’s old orange canister set from either the 60s or 70s. Tupperware has always meant quality and even though their canister sets look a bit more modern, they still have all the quality you know and love!

As I mentioned above, a friend of mine (who is a Tupperware rep and who’s store is linked here), Brittani Blizzard hosted a Tupperware party a couple weeks ago. As usual life needed me elsewhere and even though I did not attend, I did place an order in between clients the next day. My estimated order date was February 3-11, so imagine my delight when it arrived the following Thursday.

Since I am known for saving leftovers only to remember them once they are science experiments, I decided to not invest in any lunch storage containers. (Do these have a real name? I usually call them lunch tubs.) Instead I picked up this super cute Hello Kitty Eco Bottle that will be perfect for making sure I drink more water and less soda. It’s dishwasher safe, holds 14 oz and it’s pink!

I also picked up the Tupperware Fresh & Pure Ice Tray. I love that the flexible bottom means I’ll never battle the tray for that one stuck cube again! The hinged lid makes for easy filling at the sink and ensures that nothing gets in your ice. (If you are like me and your freezer has an ice maker, use trays to freeze coffee for iced coffee, herbs in oil for cooking or yogurt for smoothies.)

And if you are in need of a Tupperware rep, please check out Brittani Blizzard!

Avon Haul

This Avon haul covered a few campaigns but with one exception, all items can be found in the current Campaign 4 Brochure.

Craft Collection Rustic Love Serving Tray
Craft Collection Rustic Love Serving Tray

For household items, I picked up the new Craft Collection Rustic Love Serving Tray. I actually use it on my desk as both a decorative item and an inbox. When I am working at my desk, I put it next to me to serve as an inbox for the day and when I am done, I stand it up behind my closed laptop.

Cushion Walk Weather The Storm
Cushion Walk Weather The Storm

The one item not in the current brochure and only while they last are my Cushion Walk Weather The Storm Boots. These guys have officially replaced my other boots They are only fuzzy at the tops with the body being a soft quilt, so my feet stay warm without overheating. The rubbery feet are perfect for replacing my rain boots on days when it is both cold and wet. I love them and I know you will too, so order before they are gone!

I don’t wear much makeup most days (especially days I work from home) but I do love lip glosses and balms. Avon has their Extra Long Lasting Lip Gloss in multiple colors and as a sucker for anything pink, I got the Always on Pink shade. (And while they are on sale for 2 for $9.99, I may have to get Always Apple and Forever Rose.)

For days I want a hint of color but no gloss, I got Avon’s Dew Kiss Lip Dew lip balm and for just before bed, I got the Avon Care Care Deeply Lip Balm. For only $0.99 everyday, I can pick up multiples of all their lip balms without breaking the bank.

In addition to applying lip balm at night, I’m also trying to get back in the habit of using a night cream. Good gene, on/off use of good skincare routines over the years and less stress means I don’t have too many trouble areas yet but a few lines on my forehead have started to make themselves known. To stop them and prevent more, I decided to try the Avon Elements Youth Restoring line with Amethyst Mineral Complex. I purchased the Avon Elements Youth Restoring Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream and Avon Elements Youth Restoring Multi-Purpose Lotion + Serum Broad Spectrum SPF 20 for daytime use. I took a “before” picture of my face and after a month of use, I am going to take another and see if I see a difference. I know that my skin feels softer and has far less dry patches after half a week of use but I want the fine lines to start disappearing. The Youth Restoring line, as well as others, is currently on sale so if your skin care needs a revamp (or even a start), now is the time!

mark. Haul

mark. Universal Appeal Dress
mark. Universal Appeal Dress

Before I sold Avon, I was strictly a mark. rep and even though they merged all the reps into Avon, I’m still a mark. girl at heart. Magalog 2 has debuted with great edgy trends. Even though I usually wear dresses in the summer, the mark. Universal Appeal Dress caught my eye with its celestial designs all over it. As soon as I got it, I put it on. The dress is perfect length to wear without needing tights or leggings and hit me right above the kneecaps. The fitted body and flowy skirt design offers classic style that is great for dressing up or casual wear.

mark. Glow Baby Glow Full Size Hook Up Lip Gloss
mark. Glow Baby Glow Full Size Hook Up Lip Gloss

As I stated before, I love lip gloss! When I first became a mark. girl, I received a tube of Glow Baby Glow in Girly Girl and was instantly hooked on this hook-up! Years later, it’s still my go-to shade. Now you may have noticed this is very similar to Avon’s Extra Long Lasting gloss in Always in Pink. They are similar but with one major difference- Glow Baby Glow glosses are part of mark.’s Hook Ups which allow you to connect 2 products into one stick. So you can have a gloss and shadow, shadow and eyeliner, 2 glosses or whatever combo you want in one space saving tool!

If lip gloss is my makeup addiction, eye makeup is right behind it. I swear I own 10 tubes of mascara and dozens of colors of eye shadow! I restocked my eyeliner opting for mark. No Place to Run Waterproof Eyeliner in Foxy Brown and Vintage Khaki. Whether I am wearing contacts or glasses, in high or low humidity (the bane of all makeup’s existence), I know my mark. makeup will stay with me all day without a lot of extra products to prime or set them.

So that sums up my recent haul of Tupperware, Avon and mark. orders. If you are trying to save a little money. Avon regularly has deals on Ebates and today they have 8% cash back. Sign up for your free account and start earning cash back on things you are buying anyway. (Note, this is a referral link from my account. I will receive cash back if you sign up and make purchases through their site.)

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